Just because you’re posting to social media doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll start getting customers. Yep. It’s true. Knowing how to post on social media is very different from successfully using social media for your biz.

In fact, much like any other part of running a business, it takes a bit of skill and knowledge to use it effectively.

Now I know that not everyone can outsource their social media. This is why I put together this blog post about the TOP 5 mistakes I see people making on their accounts AND the simple tweaks you can make to start seeing results!

Waiting for inspiration to post

Don’t you love the days where you’re overcome by inspiration? You know what you want to say on social media, and as soon as you pull out your phone, the caption just flows! Those days are amazing, but actually, if I’m honest, not that common.

If you’re not planning your posts and just wanting for inspiration. You; ‘re probably not going to be posting all that often. And what you do post isn’t necessarily going to drive business.

Waiting for inspiration is great for your personal social media – but not for a business.

You can’t just show up to work ‘when you feel like it,’ and social media for a business is ‘work.’

You need to be showing up online and posting no matter what you’re feeling.

The solution: Getting a content plan and scheduling some time every week/ fortnight or month to plan out your posts.

If that’s still too hard to manage, perhaps its time to delegate the social media of outsourcing it to a professional.

Not engaging on social media

You’re posting regularly, even using a scheduler. Once you’ve set up those monthly posts, you just tune out until the next tie you need to schedule them.

You’re not checking your account. You’re not replying to comments. You’re certainly not engaging with other accounts.

In short, you’re not being social.

The beauty of social media is that it is a two-way street. So you can really build that connection with your followers. That connection doesn’t just turn followers into customers, it turns them into brand cheerleaders.

Without that engagement- you’re just broadcasting.

Not using a call to actions on posts

Sometimes we forget that other people aren’t as invested in our biz as we are. We make assumptions like if I’m posting about a product, they’ll realise it’s on my website to buy. Or if I write that I’m sending out my newsletter tonight, they’ll know that they can sign up.

Your audience isn’t a mind reader, and most people on social media, are relaxing and scrolling while doing other things. So even if it seems clear to you- spelling it out. Add a call to action to your post. You’ll be surprised how many people will actually follow your suggestions when it’s crystal clear.

Not selling on social media

There’s nothing worse than an account that just posts their products with a link to buy. It’s the social media equivalent of going on a first date and spending all night talking about yourself.

But then there is the opposite of that. Where people just forget to sell. They don’t want to be that guy who only sells, because being salesy has a bad rap.

But here’s the thing – your followers are there for a reason, and if you’re not clear on how they can buy from you, you just won’t get sales.

Here’s my tip- Check the last 9 posts you did. Did you explicitly tell people about a product or service at least twice? If you answered no, you’re probably not making it clear enough for people to buy from you. On the other hand, if all 9 of your posts were about how to purchase from you- well, you probably want to tone it down a bit and start giving a bit more value instead.

Not putting your face out there

Do your social media followers know what you look like?

Are you posting photos of yourself? Showing up on stories? Or are you hiding behind graphics and pretty product photos?

Now more than ever, people want to be supporting small businesses. But even more than that they need to Know, Like and Trust you. Showing your face on your social media is crucial to getting your followers to know you.

Every business has competitors and showing up online is how you can show people your personality, and give people a reason to come to you.

So next time you go to post a story, make sure your face is in the video. Help your followers get to know you!

I hope you found these tips helpful. Do you suffer from any of them? I’d love to know what you’re going to change up after reading this blog!