Hola! I’m Lauren aka Me&MyGirl, aka photographer of people and products. I’m guest posting for Anna today to talk about the power of fresh and fun images for your socials.

It’s no secret that my fave social media channel (by far!) is Instagram, it’s a brilliant visual playground that I love to play in, so this post will be super relevant to Insta, and can also be applied to channels like Facebook too.

What you see on my Insta is what you get – a very real account of me, my work and my loves.

And as a photographer I can’t recommend highly enough investing in professional imagery. It will help you stand out from the crowd, connect with your audience and be taken more seriously. Whether you’re a service provider, or a maker of a great product or you yourself are your brand – commissioning images that are tailored to you and what you do is gold!

So, what next…?

Find a photographer whose work you love, get an idea of their pricing and if that fits, get on the phone. Seriously! In this world of DMs, emails, texts, a gazillion apps for getting in touch – nothing beats a good old fashioned chinwag to get the ball rolling.

After that chat, you’ll know straight away if this partnership is going to work. If you don’t click/gel on that call, it’s probably best to move on and find someone else.

So what images do you need?

Images of you – this is a must. And I mean it, a real must! People want to see you, the face behind the biz. They want to get a picture of you, connect with you and relate to you. If you’re not in your feed, get yourself in there now. And my top tip for getting your shots done, invest in professional hair and make up. Not one or the other, but both. It’s a total no brainer and you’ll be so glad when you look back on those images.

Lauren aka Me and My Girl

Makers – sure it’s obvious that you need images of your product but they have to be done right. For example, if you’re selling bags – show the bag on a human in a lifestyle setting. This will show scale and how the bag sits on a body. Sure you can have the usual product shots on a white background but that ain’t gonna get you sales, whereas an image of an actual human wearing one of your bags walking down the street will.

Service providers and bloggers and brand personalities – you can commission interesting images that say something about you, such as fun flatlays featuring props that relate to you and what you’re about. Like notebooks and pens etc if you’re the planning type, or your collection of cool lapel pins or inspiring books you love to read. These images will help your audience understand you, what it is you do and what makes you tick.

And that’s what it’s all about – connecting with your audience and telling your story. And using fresh and relevant images is such a powerful way to connect. Your audience will naturally relate to you and your experiences if you’re telling them about who you are and what you do via really good images (ie. not just stock shots that so many people have access to).

So go get creating those images if you’ve got the skills and if you don’t, find a photographer who gets you and can create an amazing library of images for you. Trust me, you’ll be so happy you did and having those tailored images will make your life so much easier.

Hope you found this useful and see you around on Insta.

And thanks for having me Anna, it’s been fun!