It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a second, third and fourth time customer is cheaper and easier to get than a first-time purchaser. In fact, 37% of business owners rank getting repeat customers as their most critical business goal. Repeat customers are often the lifeblood of small businesses. 

So how do you get those repeat customers coming back to you? 

Keeping in touch with email 

Reengaging past purchases with email marketing keeps them updated about new products and sends them back to your website to browse. 

You can also incorporate special deals and offers sent only to them, such as a discount code on their purchase anniversary, which shows that they’re appreciated and essential to your business. 

Using loyalty programs 

Any coffee lover will tell you that they go out of their way to frequent places that offer loyalty discounts because the only thing better than coffee is a free one! Loyalty programs help encourage people to come back and spend more with you. 

Whether you want to set up an official loyalty program or choose to surprise and delight repeat customers with an unofficial one where you acknowledge a customer’s third order with a small gift and handwritten note thanking them. 

Offering a Discount 

Another easy way to get the next purchase is to offer a discount code with their next purchase. This can be done in many ways, including a discount voucher in their order, emailed later, or with retargeting advertising discounts. 

Great customer service 

Ultimately the best way to ensure return customers is to have excellent, personal customer service. Make your brand stand out from the crowd by going above and beyond whenever possible. Here are some simple ways of doing that: 

Fun and unexpected order confirmations 

Personalised and handwritten thank you cards in orders

A small freebie added to orders

Acknowledgement of multiple orders 

Fast and efficient customer service 

Repeat customers and fan loyalty turn a struggling business into a thriving one. Because your fans will go around singing your praises, and that is the type of publicity that money just can’t buy.