Need some SEO magic dust sprinkled around your website so that people can *gasp* actually find your website? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re SEO nerds that love helping your website get found by Google and seen by people. 

But firstly, what exactly is SEO. Search engine optimization helps Google match your website to people looking for your products or services. Sounds perfect, right? So if you’re not seeing the web traffic you want (and deserve), then getting your website optimised should be top of your to-do list. 

Website SEO Audit

Just want someone to look at your website and tell you what needs to be done to improve your Google ranking? We can do that, and we’ll package it up into an easy to understand jargon-free report. 

This SEO report looks at your top 5 pages and gives you a step by step guide to fixing any issues we find. 

The report includes: 

  • A detailed jargon-free report outlining all any issues impacting your site’s performance and ranking. 
  • Instructions on how to fix any issues we discover
  • A one-on-one meeting via Zoom to run through the report and answer any of your questions.
SEO Content Plan

Not sure how to drive visitors to your website? If your content marketing plan consists of crossing your fingers and hoping that your blog post will connect with your audience, then this is the exact plan you’ve been looking for. Get strategic in driving visitors to your website with a comprehensive content plan for your business.

The plan includes: 

  • Content outline that will support your business goals
  • Content plan that helps you know what content to create and why 
  • SEO researched keywords 
  • Content schedule for a 6 or 12-month period

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