As a small business owner you’ve already got a million and one things on your plate – and stressing about your social media doesn’t need to be one of them.

We can work together to help you manage your social media from creating comprehensive jargon free strategies for you to implemet in house, to full management of your social media so you never have to think (or stress) about it again. 

We love working with small and medium businesses, and not for profits, to help their social media shine. Social media, when done well, has the power to absolutely transform businesses with increased brand awareness, and sales. 

Social Media Management

Confused about hashtags or simply out of time and overworked? Let us handle your social media for you.

From writing captions, to scheduling and posting, responding to comments and engaging with followers. We’ll build a thriving online community of your dream clients. We work with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

We manage social media accounts for companies throughout Australia and overseas.

Social media management includes:

  • Captions crafted to fit your tone of voice

  • Posts scheduled at optimal times

  • Posted to platform of your choice

  • Community management

  • Engagement and growth

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook ads can help you increase sales and find new customers, and when done correctly, they can transform your business’s profits. Our management includes strategically funnel creation that is checked and rechecked (not setting and forgetting)to target new audiences and drive repeat customer purchases. 

Facebook ads management includes: 

  • Full Facebook ads campaign set up with multiple ad sets 
  • Creative ad copy so your ads stand out and convert. 
  • Detailed audience targeting and custom audience creation
  • Ongoing optimisation and scaling  
  • Monthly reporting 
Social Media Strategy

Our social media strategies are designed to provide you with the framework to confidently maintain your social media in-house, or help guide is in the management of your social media.  This is perfect for companies that aren’t seeing the result they’d like on social media or are unsure of social media best practice. You’ll be then be able to use our strategy to manage your own social media or have us take over management.

Your social media strategy will include:  

  • Social media goals that align and support your business objectives

  • A complete audit of any existing social media accounts

  • Direct competitors researched including details about their approach to social media

  • In-depth analysis of your target customer, where they hang out online and how to connect with them.

  • A content plan with a breakdown of the type of posts you should be using, the optimum time for posting and how often.

  • A customised guide to hashtag usage for your business

  • Tips and tricks to get the most out of each social media platform

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