Are you a small business owner wanting to learn how to market your business?

Or perhaps you’re looking to have your team upskilled in Facebook ads? 

We offer tailored digital marketing training for businesses of all sizes to keep you up to date on all things digital with sessions available for one on one coaching to whole teams. 

Our training gives you both the theory, and up-to-date actionable tips, so you’re confident and understand *exactly* how to set up and run a successful digital marketing campaign.

Social Media Training

Social Media doesn’t have to be confusing.

And it doesn’t have to be a time drain either.

Our social media training is jargon-free, up to date, and full of all the nitty-gritty details that’ll see you getting results straight away. No joke.

Our training is designed specifically for small business owners, and staff, to (effectively) manage their social media in-house. We’ll teach you what to do and why. You’ll leave understanding how to get the most out of each platform, as well as what you need to post to convert followers to paying customers.

We offer training on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Facebook Ads Training

Have you been boosting posts on social media and getting frustrated that you’re not seeing results? 

Here’s the first of many tips. Step away from the boost button. Boosting posts only scratches the surface of what Facebook ads can. 

If you’re interested in using Facebook ads to grow your business, then this training is for you.

Inhouse Social Media Training

Does your team need training in social media? We love nothing better than helping small businesses & Not for profits learn all the ins and outs of social media. From understanding the nitty-gritty of each platform’s algorithm to knowing what type of content to post – we cover it all!  

We can run training from the fundamentals of social media basics to working with your existing marketing team workshop new and exciting ways of connecting online.

Let’s have a chat!