Are you running Facebook ads and just feeling frustrated? Feel like they just don’t work? I get it. Facebook ads can be complicated and confusing when you’re trying to work out all the ins and outs.

But believe me, it’s worth persevering. Social media ads are still one of the cheapest and best ways to advertise. 

Social media adverts can be created and go live very quickly, which means you can almost instantly start promoting new stock and start bringing in money.

I see people making some common mistakes with social media ads over and over again, leaving them frustrated with paid social media advertising.

Boosting a post isn’t the same as setting up an ad

Boosting a post might seem like an ad to someone new to Facebook advertising – but it’s not what professionals refer to when they talk about ‘Facebook ads.’ 

When you boost a post, you only use a fraction of the capabilities of the Facebook ads. There are limited targeting and objectives available when you boost a post. 

Essentially you’re asking Facebook to show your ad to more people, but more people doesn’t mean it’s getting delivered to the right people. 

Thinking like a business, not a customer

One of the quickest ways to waste money on social media advertising is by thinking like a business owner, not a customer. You’re a business, and you want sales. Every company wants sales.

But what does your potential customer want? They want to know more about your brand. They want to understand the value of your product or service to them. They want to know you’re a business they can trust. If you don’t answer these questions, your ads won’t convert.

Being too clever in your creative

Maybe you saw a clever ad that MacDonalds did, or perhaps it was Adidas, or Nike, or even Pizza Hut. It was funny and a bit obscure, and it worked really, really well for them. 

But you’re a small business that is still struggling to get sales, and you have a limited advertising budget. 

A witty campaign might seem like the best way to go. Maybe it will go viral.

But unfortunately, more likely than not, it won’t, and your campaign will instead confuse people because they don’t already have a baseline understanding of who you are and what you do. 

Expecting a magic bullet

Expectations with Facebook ads can be high, sometimes ridiculously so.

Facebook ads are not the lottery. You can’t spend $20 and walk away a millionaire. 

Now I understand where this idea might come from. You’ve seen some Facebook ads guru’s screenshots of fantastic results, but what they don’t show is the 500 other ad results from the past 9 months where they spent time warming that audience up.

What you really should look at are not individual ad campaign ROI’s because they don’t show the whole picture. Instead, look at the monthly account ROI as a whole. A good aim for this would be 2 – 5 x ROI (after the first three months). 

You’re running ads with no strategy 

Occasionally you’ll run an ad maybe when you get a new product in, or when you have a slow week. 

You might get a few sales this way, but it’s unlikely you’ll be seeing a really high ROI. 

Why? Because statistically, only 3% of your website visitors are ready to buy on their first visit to your site. The other 97% is just left to walk away. 

If you had a strategy and sales funnel set up, you’d be continually moving that 97% of people who didn’t purchase on their first visit back to your website, or to your social media and email list. That 97% wouldn’t be a missed opportunity but nurtured to a sale. 

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